About Us

Stolting Media Group produces and distributes Premium Quality Music And Multimedia Products including Background Music, Sounds And Sound Effects For Music Movie And Video Production, and Information Products such as eBooks and Courses for the creative Entrepreneur.

We have hundreds of popular quality products and services available online which are well known within communities such as the music, movie, multimedia and information publishing industries. We do not produce or sell get rich quick programs, or any other types of services that promise to instantly make you a millionaire overnight while you sleep. Even though there is a market for that, it’s not in our neighborhood. We choose to provide useful products that actually serve a purpose.

Stolting Media Group is a legally registered company, and as of August 2017 we will have been actively operating under the Stolting Media Group banner for 12+ years.  After all of these years, we currently have an impressive “0” number of complaints filed against us out of thousands of customer transactions. It is our intention and mission to maintain this track record.

Our team is well known for creating and delivering some of the highest quality and creative products to the Music And Entertainment Industry, and several other niches world wide. Over the many years, we have received tons of positive testimonials from our happy customers including many household names.

Q: If I am not happy with my purchase, will I get my money back?
A: Yes! If our products do not live up to your expectations, we promise to offer a no questions asked, 100% Full Money Back Refund Guarantee.

Q: Is my payment secure?  Who handles my credit card or banking information?
A: We use only reputable and well established industry recognized payment processors to handle the payment information that you provide. When making a purchase online from any of our websites, all of our payment processors use Encrypted Data Transmission which secures your private information using an SSL Certificate. Information exchanged with any website address beginning with “https” is encrypted using SSL before transmission. The team at Stolting Media Group will be directly available in order to assist you with prompt resolving of any issue pertaining to your purchase, such as providing a refund back to your credit card, etc.

Q: How do I contact you?
A: Should you at any time of day or night need to contact us for any reason, our 24/7 live email support team is set up to respond rapidly, efficiently, and professionally via email. Your message, depending on the topic or issue, will automatically reach the most appropriate person who will respond to your specific questions. You will never receive an automated pre-written response from us.

Thank you for visiting our main website and considering purchasing a product or service from us, we appreciate you and your business.


Support Team – Stolting Media Group